The Big Blend Up!

Well here we are at the beginning of February and for many that were doing dry January, they will have already been celebrating their achievement with a favourite bottle of vino!

Congrats to all those that completed dry January by the way!

I have given up alcohol, not just for dry January.

The last 30 days I have found giving up the booze not too challenging (surprisingly).
I think the fact my mind was mentally ready to give it up has helped.
I don’t feel I’m being deprived, in fact I actually feel very positive about gaining back control and not having to think or worry about drinking.
Free from the constant battles that were going on inside my head and the morning guilt trips when I knew I had drank too much.

I have kept busy with work and so haven’t done a lot of socialising yet. So I am expecting there is still a few challenges ahead of me, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it and be prepared as much as possible when the Wine Witch strikes!

Those following my blog will know I’ve given myself added motivation by setting a challenge to lose 28 lb by 20th March and have some sponsors in place.

One of my sponsors has enjoyed texting me pictures of burgers and chips. The sponsor is also a ‘friend’! Co-incidentally they have sponsored me quite a bit of money for ‘when’ I do succeed! So I shall hopefully have the last laugh.

Its now day 33 AF and I feel the weight is not shifting quick enough (I want to make sure I can collect all my sponsor money from the ‘burger’ messenger!)

Action stations, as I set myself a new challenge. Welcome Jason Vale and the Super Blend Me challenge!

Jason Vale also wrote the book, Kick The Drink Easily, which I read two years ago and it really inspired me to change the way I viewed alcohol. I am sure it has also helped the way I think towards giving it up as well.

I have read Clare Pooley’s book, My Sober Diaries, which I found very entertaining and also relatable.

Armed with the new Super Blend Me challenge book, which I have read from front to back in one day.
Ordered in all the ingredients online from the handy shopping list it gives you.
I’m now ready to start the 21 day blend challenge.
You can do 7, 10 or 14 days, but I felt I need the full 21 days (I figure if I don’t get results after 21 days, I still have time for surgery ahahaha).

And so it begins….

Day 1, and getting used to my new fancy blender.
This was actually a Christmas present to me, and I’ve not used it yet.
Its one of those machines that can do 158 different things but takes forever to fathom out how to do 3.
Gadgets galore and no idea which is for what…I’m not so hot when it comes to reading manuals. I usually guesstimate my way round as my learning process and hope for the best (I got that little time saving trick from my husband ;).
As long as I don’t have all the ingredients exploding out the top, this should be a breeze, or a mess!

First Blend of the day successfully made (without too much mess).
The drink is a satisfying thick shake but with the difference of knowing it’s full of healthy goodness (I sound like an advert!)

As I’m throwing in the spinach, cucumber, apple, advocado, pineapple, coconut water, before hitting the blend button mode (see, who needs a manual), it does cross my mind how it’s all going to taste, so it’s actually an added bonus when it’s very enjoyable.
Just hope I don’t get constipated :).

I’ve gone from drinking copious amounts of wine, to drinking mocktails, to drinking three daily fruit and veg shakes! What ever is it coming too!

I will worry if I start to hallucinate my husband looking like a juicy pork chop, or should I say he should start to worry :).

So here is to another sober month and starting the 21 day SBM challenge…

Day 33 Alcohol free.

Lost weight 11 lb so far.

46 days left to lose 28 lb.

Yea yea yeah!



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