Flying: Any Drinks Or Snacks?

Its my 7th day of blending!

I have to admit, the first couple of days on my Blend challenge I wondered how I would get through it due to the sudden onset of headaches.
On day 3 the headaches stopped (thank goodness).
Allowing myself a coulple of black coffees a day have helped.

Ive lost 5 lb weight in 7 days, whoop whoop and 5cms round my waist.

Have also saved £196 being Alcohol free so far.

Starting to feel lighter and healthier.

I decided to reward myself (and hubby) by booking a very cheap flight to Malta in March.
Neither of us have been to Malta before and the flights were so ridiculously cheap. An impulsive wave suddenly came over me, and as I hit the purchase button, I saw the scenario of the flight play out in my head….

I’ve been fortunate enough (or unfortunate if you hate flying or hate cheap flights) to have flown on a few no frills flights.
Once in the air, I sit waiting for the ‘happy’ air hostess and her drinks trolley.
The longer it takes to arrive the more twitchy and impatient I become looking up and down the aisle to see where it’s got too.
Can you imagine if the air hostess announced on the loud speaker, “Could all those people who depend on alcohol to get through the flight, please raise your hands so we can serve you first”!
How many hands would go up?
I’m sure most of us would remain stiff upper lipped tightly strapped to our seat, being typically British not wanting to admit to such a thing and jump the que.
Or maybe a whole sea of hands would rise up one by one, speeding up gradually like a progressive standing ovation.

I decided to overcome this waiting game on flights (and expense) by filling a couple of miniature bottles of spirits with gin to take on board, mixed with a soft drink purchased at the airport. Thus saving myself the anxiety of waiting on board.
Not good practise but it was also rather satisfying saving a few quid in the process!

Then of course I see myself at the duty free.
OMG I had forgotten the duty free!
The duty free is a ritual.
The obligatory purchase of booze to take on your hols.

I will have to overcome this ritual by treating myself to a new fragrance (as if I need another one), but buying a new perfume is a better idea for the new sober me :).

This ‘new’ scenario now plays in my head…

I buy my purchases of fragrance at duty free (notice I said purchase’s’, can’t assume there won’t be a buy one get another half price on offer!) Avoiding all of the booze.

Armed with my free newspaper you get with a bottle of water purchased from WHSmith at the airport (note: if free, bound to be all gone) I board the plane.

Seated, relaxed, with (hopefully) free paper poised on my lap, I DON’T wait and look for the ‘happy’ hostess and her trolley.
I have no miniature tipple ready for decanting, just water to hand.
Calm is the mantra playing in my head, breath, suck a sweet, “WHERES the sweets”? I need to suck a sweet before my ears explode. I FORGOT the bloody sweets. Looking to hubby for reassurance, I see he already has his eyes shut and mouth wide open! Huff huff.

When the trolley arrives and I will hear those well known words, “Any drinks or snacks”? I shall ‘joyfully’ reply “black coffee and nothing else for me thank you”. 🙂

Despite the lack of sweets (reminding myself this is, after all, only the scenario in my head)….

All is well!

Including my ankles! They usually swell up on flights when I drink alcohol to the size I struggle to get my shoes back on if I have slipped them off.
So another plus, no more feet the size of an elephants when disembarking!

This is what will happen on the flight in March (must remember sweets ;)).

Onward and upward.

I should throw those miniature bottles away while I think of it. Where did I put them, oh yes, right next to my passport!!


39 days Alcohol free

Lost weight, 15.5 lbs so far.

39 days left to lose 28 lbs. On track :).

Yea yea yeah!


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