Fish And Chips!

I never realised just how much support is out there thanks to social media.
Having found sites such as Club Soda Together, it’s great not to feel like ‘your alone’!
Folks of all ages, from different backgrounds, struggling at varying degrees to kick the drink join the Facebook support sites.

Someone on the Club Soda site asked us what we would say to our ‘Wine Witch’ if we could meet them face to face (metaphorically speaking).
There were so many comments in response to it.
This particular one stood out and I felt compelled to share it (permission was obtained from Russell and he was also happy for me to use his name :)).

Russell meeting his ‘Wine Witch’

Hi How are you?
Please take a seat.
Look I’ve been thinking… Its not working out anymore I’m sorry.
Its not you its me totally.
I feel I need to go in a different direction and explore.
Oh where abouts am I going to go did you say?
Well, largely anywhere you’re not tbh. If I’m honest the controlling behavior has been a bit much, you might want to think about that…Also while we are on the subject…
You do have a tendency to be destructive, dramatic, egotistical, bullying, selfish and demoralizing. I hope you can accept this as its intended.
I want you to perhaps reflect upon my observations.
Now I am going to insist that we can’t be friends either. This is a permanent break up!
Oh don’t be sad its ok you’ll find another victim, I mean person…. Oh don’t you get me going now…Oh wait, wrong emotion.
I’m very happy about this, this is good.
Oh would you take this too on your way out…What is it you say?? Hmm that’s pity…Pop him in the trash on your way out. Thanks…Bye Bye 👋

Written by Russell Grieg-Bartram

I could write something similar over my ‘food witch’ this week.
I’ve actually surprised myself so far, by how well I’m coping not drinking alcohol.

I am obsessing over food at the moment.

As the weeks are rolling on, my momentum is slowing down and it has felt especially hard this week sticking to my plan.

I went to my weigh in on Thursday and was told my weight had remained the same 😭😡. What ever stopped me driving straight to the fish and chip shop after that I will never know.

I have just over four weeks left to lose 12.5 lb, which is basically 3lb a week to hit my target.
How I long for it to be March 20th right now and at my goal weight.
Wouldn’t it be great to go to sleep for a few weeks in some sort of pod and be woken up slim!
Where is the Starship Enterprise when you need it…beam me up Scottie FFS!

I’m dreaming fish and chips when I go to bed.
Never mind the wine or sheep, I’m counting chips jumping over the fish straight into my mouth. 1 chip, 2 chip, 3 chip, more!
Wafts of salt and vinegar soaking into the freshly cooked batter on the cod make me salivate just thinking about it. Torture! Such torture!

After my weigh in this week, I have to drive past our local fish and chip shop.
I’m like a deranged stalker if someone comes out the chippy loaded up with steaming hot bags as I drive by.
I’m looking longingly back at them in my rear view mirror, imagining what they have just bought.
My head goes in a spin thinking of battered cod, chips, sausages, pies, mushy peas, the smell of vinegar and the taste of salt arrrrrgh….

STOP IT! Think slimmer and healthy thoughts.
Think of those dresses hanging up in my wardrobe just waiting for me.
The dresses i’ve not worn for years because they don’t fit. Think how amazing it will be to get the zip done up on my wedding dress….OK, maybe a little ambitious for March 20th.

Remember not being out of breath walking up hills and going up long flights of stairs.

Think of the beach and not having to worry about who I park myself next too!!
Think of not having to worry anymore about the long walk down to the sea edge in my tight swimwear.
Even better, not having to worry about walking back to my beach towel (then again, looking like Dudley Moore hot rodding over the hot sand is somewhat unavoidable at any size)!

Once, I crawled out the sea as it got shallow on my hands and knees because the small pebbles hurt my feet to stand on them. Can you imagine what a sight that must have been for onlookers wondering if they were witnessing a new species of beached whale?!

FOUR WEEKS. Four short weeks left to go.

I can do this (she says with a wobbly smile).



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