The Verdict!

The verdict!

Drum roll if you please…

Total weight loss on 20th March was 24lb.
4lb short of my target.

Initially I felt disappointed as if I had failed 😭.
Mr S quickly reminded me of what I have managed to achieve since January 2nd, which helped put everything back into perspective.

So I’m not going to dwell on the 4lb I haven’t lost yet, instead I’m celebrating 24lb lost and being alcohol free for 80 days.

As I announced the result to my sponsors, fortunately most who sponsored a fixed amount have still honoured it.
One person sponsored me a pound for every lb I ‘didn’t’ lose!!! So I have still gained from not losing 4lb in a manner of speaking. So much for the backward incentive hey (AW).

I’ve raised Β£388 for The Rob Barr Foundation Trust. The charity will be set up in the near future.
A huge thank you. The sponsors definitely helped to keep me on track.

Remaining alcohol free has become a life style choice and one of the best decisions I have recently made.

Giving up alcohol is why the diets I’ve used have worked for me.
Slimming World, the Super Blend challenge, and DietNow.
They are all very different healthy eating/diet plans but all require the same determination and will power to succeed. I couldn’t have that will power and determination if I was still drinking.

One of the hardest things was starting, its taken me years, but I’m so thankful I did start, and hopefully my posts have helped someone else out there also battling with alcohol and weight.

The money I have saved up so far from not buying alcohol i’ve put towards a cheap break to Malta (I’m actually writing this from the airplane).

The most amazing moment was when I carried my suitcase to the check in desk.
The weight I have lost, was the same weight in my suitcase.
It’s hard to believe I was actually carrying that weight on me when you can physically hold it in a suitcase and feel how heavy it is!
Also Ironic to lose weight and still have to carry it round with you in a F**king suitcase πŸ˜‚.

The plane hasn’t taken off yet, we are currently sitting on the runway waiting for air traffic control to let us take off, some strike in France affecting our slot!
I’m calm and not getting irritable wondering how long the drinks trolly will take to roll up!
I have my bottle of water and book to hand.
Mr S is already stuffing his face with a chocolate rocky road cake….My thoughts start to wander off thinking about food, I might have the odd sweet treat while I’m on holiday, it would be rude not too :).

I will post on my blog monthly. For now though, me and my suitcase are off to enjoy Malta.

Catch up soon :).


A huge thank you to the talented Sue Burleigh for the brilliant cartoons.
You can find Sue’s work to view or buy on her Facebook page, TicklyWitch Art.

The Final Furlong!

I feel like I’m on a horse in the Grand National coming up to the finishing line. Almost their, but a small way to go before the final Furlong!

Desperate measures are needed with 7lb left to lose and only 6 days left to go for my sponsorship deadline!

I did resist the temptation to book in for a gastric bypass, or asking one of my colleagues to give me a week of colonic irrigation πŸ˜‚.
Instead I have put my last gallop into DietNow…
Basically it’s very similar to the Cambridge Diet. I am on three of their products (shakes) a day.
Apart from that nothing else passes my lips accept water, black tea and coffee.

I’ve started obsessing and crossing off the final days on my wall calendar.
Part of me remains positive and hopeful that I can still achieve my goal, while a small part is a little nervous about the 7lb milestone before me!

Last weekend, like other mums, I celebrated Mother’s Day with my kids and my own mum (hi mum).
I decided to give myself a day off from the diet (perhaps I shouldn’t have) and enjoyed some home cooking and a few chocs (well quite a few chocs actually).
Ive become partial to drinking M&S elderflower press (no added sugar) as my new found drink and ensured my glass was full of it on Mother’s Day.

The cards from my children were lovely…inside my sons card, part of what he wrote in his hand writing read,

“Thank you for being there for me in times of need and supporting me in life”

Perhaps they do appreciate us after all! πŸ™‚

Wine ‘O Clock has gone. Instead I call it ‘Do ‘O Clock’. I can do or not do, to be or not to be ahaha.

Day 73 alcohol free and feeling so much better for it.

I sleep better, I’m less tired, my moods are less of a roller coaster, my skin has improved, and I am starting to fit into some of those dresses that have been hanging around in my wardrobe forever, yippeee.
I can also walk down the booze aisle in supermarkets without the anxiety I might pick up a bottle or two.
My head is generally clearer, I can think clearer and no more hangovers to worry about.

The support from family and friends has been encouraging.
Mr S has gone from being my very annoying alcohol barometer to my biggest cheer leader.

To think this all started with my button flying off my work trousers. Which I still haven’t sewn back on incidentally.
That button was my turning point, my deciding moment.
Perhaps I shouldn’t sew it back on and I should frame it instead!

I often thought my deciding factor would be that one massive hangover or that significant embarrassing moment that you can’t quite remember, but everyone else can!
Instead, it was a button popping off at 49 years of age.

Over the years, sub-consciously I must have been preparing for that ‘deciding’ moment by the books I have read, ‘How To Kick The Drink Easily’.
Dresses I have clung too.
Various exercise machines I have purchased that ended up as clothes horses, or garden props!
Attempts to moderate my drinking.
Why did it take so long to find my point of readiness? What was I waiting for? What was I afraid of?
If I knew then how I would feel now, I would have gladly stopped drinking years ago.

This week, although I am focused on the final furlong, it is going to be a busy week, lots of night shifts and I have to go to the Midlands with Mr S in a van to collect our tools plus furniture and see our new tenants in.

If you have seen the programme Homes Under The Hammer, it’s similar to what I do with Mr S when I’m not wearing my nurses uniform. Renovating houses and renting them out.

I’m usually the painter and decorator, glorified tea maker, cleaner, accountant and tenant finder!
We have been working together doing up houses for seven years now.

They make it look so easy on the TV but it wasn’t easy working together in the beginning.
Imagine how Gordon Ramsay mixed with Mary Berry would be! πŸ˜‚
Fortunately for us Mr S worked out who was the boss fairly quickly πŸ˜‰.

My whip is out ready for the last gallop! (I’m that starving, I could eat a bloody horse not ride one!!)

Off to make a DietNow vanilla shake.

Roll on Tuesday 20th March…


Stone Cold Sober!

What a week!!

Dorset comes to a complete stand still from the Arctic weather (or I should say, the Siberian weather)…including myself.

I couldn’t get into work for a night shift and Slimming World was cancelled.

Weighed myself on my own scales and they showed 2lb loss, not sure how accurate my home scales are, but happy to go along with that result for the time being :).

Birthdays are for celebrating, and this week I discovered it’s not just my own birthday I have to get through!

It was my daughters 19th birthday this weekend.
Usually I happily organise a family gathering, make an iconic cake, and ensure there is plenty of booze, because after all, you can’t have a celebration without booze…right?!

I decide to book up somewhere special so I don’t have to think about organising any booze or food.

My son is working the weekend so he can’t make it (deep down I’m glad because I don’t have to worry about him drinking).Β For those following the previous post, my sons face is back to normal and he is back at work. He has not had a drink since he was beaten up. Fingers crossed it continues. Only time, love and support will tell.

Now, bearing in mind my daughter loves cheese, I reserve us all a table at a cheese and wine bar for Saturday night!!! Afterwards I realise this was probably not one of my better plans as images of cheese and glasses of wine start to play in my head.

It will be OK, I am driving I tell myself, and I text ahead to ensure they offer non alcoholic alternatives.

When we arrive the place is buzzing. The surrounding blackboards are written with every cheese imaginable and a variety of meats.
The walls are displaying bottles of wine from floor to ceiling.

After much deliberation deciding what to have, its not long before a magnificent spread of cheeses, meats and nibbly bits arrive to our table on one long wooden board.

I have my large wine glass already filled with elderflower and ice.
At this point my head is asking, did I love cheese because of the wine or did I love wine because of the cheese?

This is the first time I have allowed myself some cheese since my diet started on 2nd January.
Without the wine it didn’t seem to have the same appeal.
I looked around the room watching others sipping their wines out of large sexy glasses, while savouring their cheeses, and I suddenly felt sad.
Sad that I knew I was unable to do the moderation thing. Sad that I had spoilt it for myself from years of excessive drinking.
Although I was quiet, my thoughts remained my own, a stiff upper lip and a brave smile was worn :).

The night moved on from the wine bar to a disco bar.
Seating was extremely limited and so I eagerly seized a spare bar stool when one became available.
This was perhaps not such a great idea, as I began to realise it was the section of the long bar they use to make the cocktails.
I found myself mesmerising over cocktails being made, one after the other as I sipped on my beetroot juice!

Dancing had not yet progressed on the dance floor and Mr S was insisting I dance with him.
At this point he got the Paddington Bear stare, and through smiling gritted teeth I said, “I am stone cold sober, and if you think I am getting up on an empty dance floor, you are very much mistaken, now please leave me alone”! Deciding it was better not to mess with his wife at this moment in time, he took my advice and began badgering another family member :).

Back in the day, it would have been me bullying everyone up onto the dance floor. What a pain in the arse I must have been, especially to those that were sober ish just wanting to sit quietly, being hounded by a drunk woman who thinks everyone should be up dancing.

Finally the dance floor does begin to fill up and feeling less conspicuous I boogie the night away.
Dancing sober is a new experience, it’s not as bad as I imagined. Once your limbs loosen up a bit, I realise I have control over them and my balance! IΒ am not falling over anything or anyone…

I have to confess, at 11.30pm I’m ready to go home. This is when you find out those in your party that are drinking are ready to party all night long.
Again, back in the day, this would have been me.

I get my fellow party go-ers to agree a time to leave and at 12.30am we make are way to the car (It’s a good hours drive home from Bournemouth).

Secretly I’m relieved it’s over.
My daughter had a great time and I got through my first birthday celebration….completely stone cold sober! Feeling good I got through it and no hangover in the morning :).

Total weight loss so far 19lb.
16 days left to go to lose 9lb (OMG)

62 days alcohol free.