1. I’m a middle-aged (49) woman who wants to get off the wine o’clock treadmill, lose weight and stop feeling crap!

I am also a woman who is a wife, mother, step-mother and nurse.

I am taking back control of my life and my health. I do not want to be 50, fat, and an ongoing wino. I want to be sober and slimmer.

This is my personal blog to self-help. I will be posting my heart out, my struggles, my humour, my tears to anyone out there who wants to listen….If you are reading this and feel similarly, please climb on board or just encourage me along. I will be posting a weekly blog, so feel free to comment, would love to hear from anyone else out there trying to change a habit of a life time!

I believe I am not the only woman out there that feels this way.

If you do decide to comment at the bottom of my blog page, please note, you do not have to leave real name or even any name or email etc, just leave those sections blank.

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Best wishes




The Verdict!

The verdict! Drum roll if you please… Total weight loss on 20th March was 24lb. 4lb short of my target. Initially I felt disappointed as if I had failed 😭. Mr S quickly reminded me of what I have managed to achieve since January 2nd, which helped put everything back into perspective. So I’m not …

The Final Furlong!

I feel like I’m on a horse in the Grand National coming up to the finishing line. Almost their, but a small way to go before the final Furlong! Desperate measures are needed with 7lb left to lose and only 6 days left to go for my sponsorship deadline! I did resist the temptation to …

Stone Cold Sober!

What a week!! Dorset comes to a complete stand still from the Arctic weather (or I should say, the Siberian weather)…including myself. I couldn’t get into work for a night shift and Slimming World was cancelled. Weighed myself on my own scales and they showed 2lb loss, not sure how accurate my home scales are, …