Wine Witch Alert!

I’m sitting in the car being driven back from London’s West End completely sober! It’s Thursday the 18th of Jan.

The plan was to take our second-eldest daughter (who’s birthday we were celebrating) out to dinner followed by the amazing theatre production of Les Miserables.
It was all going great, until we arrived at the restaurant for the pre-show dinner.

The place was buzzing, it felt like the perfect place to chill out and have a drink…then, for that split second, I forgot I had stopped drinking, and suddenly my heart sank.

Then ‘she’ hit me or, should I say, the Wine Witch hit me, for those familiar with that term. Does anyone remember Lizzy Dripping? If you do, think of that! The witch appears beside me, breathing down my neck as the barman slides the cocktail/wine menu under my nose.

At the back of the rather sophisticated bar was a display of all the sexy looking glasses. I have an obsession for glasses, every drink has to be enjoyed in the right glass, and not just any old crappy glass :)!

I hummed and arghed over the only two mocktails on the menu. Let’s face it, as I didn’t know if I was going to like them and they were charging a second mortgage for a single serving, despite the lack of alcohol, I wanted to be sure of my choice! My husband ordered a pils lager (hope he doesn’t choke, resonates in my head).

My daughter asks for a mocktail. “But it’s your birthday,” I exclaim. “Are you sure you don’t want a drink?”

Can you believe I even said that? It’s conditioned in my head, celebrating something equals alcohol. “No,” she says, “I am going to keep you company.” Bless her :).

Finally, after what seemed an eternity to decide, I reached a decision and then proceeded to watch the barman make it. As I watched him measuring everything out and pouring it in the cocktail shaker, I found myself thinking it’s a shame there’s no alcohol in it, slap, slap and double slap me! I wish that bloody Wine Witch would disappear.

The mocktail was a combination of seedlip citrus spice, elderflower cordial, lime juice, mint and cucumber served over ice. It was very nice and refreshing with a lime kick, but I confess, I missed the kick of the alcohol you get on the back of your tongue and down your throat! I was experiencing fine dining for the first time without an alcoholic drink, only my mocktail and water to compliment my meal. Beam me up, Scottie!

Conversations started and my Wine Witch continued to linger in the back ground until my food arrived. Thank goodness for food.
The meal was delicious, which helped take my mind off the witch. Despite being on a strict diet (and remembering the waitress’s recommendation to have the chocolate bombe) I decided to reward myself with a heavenly dessert for succeeding at putting the Wine Witch into liquidation on this occasion. It suddenly felt like it was my birthday.

The show was amazing and during the interval, instead of joining the herd queueing at the bar, we headed for a large jug of self service iced water on a table. Freebie water, how novel, and wallowed in the fact that I had just saved myself some money by not drinking.

Every cloud….

21 days alcohol free.

21 days 9 lb lost.

*59 days remaining to hit sponsorship target of losing 28 lb (2 stone)!

*Getting a little worried!


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  1. Wow, I’m so impressed. Perhaps I CAN do the same. Just have to bite the bullet and STOP. I’ll keep reading your blog & hope yo be inspired to follow your lead x

    1. Hi Fern, hope i can inspire you in some small way. Can recommend reading My Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley. Aiming to publish my next blog tomorrow or Friday evening, so watch this space 🙂 x

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