The Verdict!

The verdict!

Drum roll if you please…

Total weight loss on 20th March was 24lb.
4lb short of my target.

Initially I felt disappointed as if I had failed 😭.
Mr S quickly reminded me of what I have managed to achieve since January 2nd, which helped put everything back into perspective.

So I’m not going to dwell on the 4lb I haven’t lost yet, instead I’m celebrating 24lb lost and being alcohol free for 80 days.

As I announced the result to my sponsors, fortunately most who sponsored a fixed amount have still honoured it.
One person sponsored me a pound for every lb I ‘didn’t’ lose!!! So I have still gained from not losing 4lb in a manner of speaking. So much for the backward incentive hey (AW).

I’ve raised £388 for The Rob Barr Foundation Trust. The charity will be set up in the near future.
A huge thank you. The sponsors definitely helped to keep me on track.

Remaining alcohol free has become a life style choice and one of the best decisions I have recently made.

Giving up alcohol is why the diets I’ve used have worked for me.
Slimming World, the Super Blend challenge, and DietNow.
They are all very different healthy eating/diet plans but all require the same determination and will power to succeed. I couldn’t have that will power and determination if I was still drinking.

One of the hardest things was starting, its taken me years, but I’m so thankful I did start, and hopefully my posts have helped someone else out there also battling with alcohol and weight.

The money I have saved up so far from not buying alcohol i’ve put towards a cheap break to Malta (I’m actually writing this from the airplane).

The most amazing moment was when I carried my suitcase to the check in desk.
The weight I have lost, was the same weight in my suitcase.
It’s hard to believe I was actually carrying that weight on me when you can physically hold it in a suitcase and feel how heavy it is!
Also Ironic to lose weight and still have to carry it round with you in a F**king suitcase 😂.

The plane hasn’t taken off yet, we are currently sitting on the runway waiting for air traffic control to let us take off, some strike in France affecting our slot!
I’m calm and not getting irritable wondering how long the drinks trolly will take to roll up!
I have my bottle of water and book to hand.
Mr S is already stuffing his face with a chocolate rocky road cake….My thoughts start to wander off thinking about food, I might have the odd sweet treat while I’m on holiday, it would be rude not too :).

I will post on my blog monthly. For now though, me and my suitcase are off to enjoy Malta.

Catch up soon :).


A huge thank you to the talented Sue Burleigh for the brilliant cartoons.
You can find Sue’s work to view or buy on her Facebook page, TicklyWitch Art.

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  1. I’ll make it £3 per lb so I owe you £12 that will round it up to a nice £400. Well done 😀 xx enjoy your holiday, you deserve it x

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