The Final Furlong!

I feel like I’m on a horse in the Grand National coming up to the finishing line. Almost their, but a small way to go before the final Furlong!

Desperate measures are needed with 7lb left to lose and only 6 days left to go for my sponsorship deadline!

I did resist the temptation to book in for a gastric bypass, or asking one of my colleagues to give me a week of colonic irrigation 😂.
Instead I have put my last gallop into DietNow…
Basically it’s very similar to the Cambridge Diet. I am on three of their products (shakes) a day.
Apart from that nothing else passes my lips accept water, black tea and coffee.

I’ve started obsessing and crossing off the final days on my wall calendar.
Part of me remains positive and hopeful that I can still achieve my goal, while a small part is a little nervous about the 7lb milestone before me!

Last weekend, like other mums, I celebrated Mother’s Day with my kids and my own mum (hi mum).
I decided to give myself a day off from the diet (perhaps I shouldn’t have) and enjoyed some home cooking and a few chocs (well quite a few chocs actually).
Ive become partial to drinking M&S elderflower press (no added sugar) as my new found drink and ensured my glass was full of it on Mother’s Day.

The cards from my children were lovely…inside my sons card, part of what he wrote in his hand writing read,

“Thank you for being there for me in times of need and supporting me in life”

Perhaps they do appreciate us after all! 🙂

Wine ‘O Clock has gone. Instead I call it ‘Do ‘O Clock’. I can do or not do, to be or not to be ahaha.

Day 73 alcohol free and feeling so much better for it.

I sleep better, I’m less tired, my moods are less of a roller coaster, my skin has improved, and I am starting to fit into some of those dresses that have been hanging around in my wardrobe forever, yippeee.
I can also walk down the booze aisle in supermarkets without the anxiety I might pick up a bottle or two.
My head is generally clearer, I can think clearer and no more hangovers to worry about.

The support from family and friends has been encouraging.
Mr S has gone from being my very annoying alcohol barometer to my biggest cheer leader.

To think this all started with my button flying off my work trousers. Which I still haven’t sewn back on incidentally.
That button was my turning point, my deciding moment.
Perhaps I shouldn’t sew it back on and I should frame it instead!

I often thought my deciding factor would be that one massive hangover or that significant embarrassing moment that you can’t quite remember, but everyone else can!
Instead, it was a button popping off at 49 years of age.

Over the years, sub-consciously I must have been preparing for that ‘deciding’ moment by the books I have read, ‘How To Kick The Drink Easily’.
Dresses I have clung too.
Various exercise machines I have purchased that ended up as clothes horses, or garden props!
Attempts to moderate my drinking.
Why did it take so long to find my point of readiness? What was I waiting for? What was I afraid of?
If I knew then how I would feel now, I would have gladly stopped drinking years ago.

This week, although I am focused on the final furlong, it is going to be a busy week, lots of night shifts and I have to go to the Midlands with Mr S in a van to collect our tools plus furniture and see our new tenants in.

If you have seen the programme Homes Under The Hammer, it’s similar to what I do with Mr S when I’m not wearing my nurses uniform. Renovating houses and renting them out.

I’m usually the painter and decorator, glorified tea maker, cleaner, accountant and tenant finder!
We have been working together doing up houses for seven years now.

They make it look so easy on the TV but it wasn’t easy working together in the beginning.
Imagine how Gordon Ramsay mixed with Mary Berry would be! 😂
Fortunately for us Mr S worked out who was the boss fairly quickly 😉.

My whip is out ready for the last gallop! (I’m that starving, I could eat a bloody horse not ride one!!)

Off to make a DietNow vanilla shake.

Roll on Tuesday 20th March…


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    1. Don’t wait for your button to pop off if you want to change, that’s the point :).
      I’m sure you won’t regret it xx

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