Is it only me?

Please tell me I am not the only one who has ever done these things?!

I had got in to such a habit of watching a movie at home with a few glasses of wine. It would be impossible to relax and watch a movie without it.

So what did happen when i would go to see a film at the cinema?

While the kids are focused on loading up with chocolate and sweets, I am busy hooking out the biggest handbag out of the back of my wardrobe.
I then pick a glass (from the thousand to choose from) and carefully wrap it in kitchen roll and place it in my handbag. I then gently place my (large) bottle of red wine along side it.
Now a days a lot of cinemas sell small bottles of wine, but unfortunately they usually taste like something best used to clean your toilet with.
If I’m going to use up calories drinking wine then I most certainly want to ‘enjoy’ drinking the extra cals!
So, wine of choice carefully stowed in my handbag and having passed ticket control we are now seated comfortably in the cinema.
The kids start to rustle their packets of popcorn, chocolate and sweets. I on the other hand sit still waiting for my cue.
Finally, adverts finish and Twentieth century Fox presents….and there it is, my cue! Assured everyone has their eyes fixed on the screen, I proceed to take out my wine, like Mary Poppins removing her medicinal medicine from her bottomless carpet bag. Smugly I pour myself a glass of vino, I can now relax and enjoy the film….this feels normal.

By the time the film has ended, two of three things have occurred:-
A. The film was not very good, in which case I will have consumed the bottle sooner and be snoring my head off before the film finishes.
B. The film was good, still finished my wine but remained awake to the end.
C. In both cases of either A or B, walk out of the auditorium a little wobbly and three sheets in the wind!

The lengths I would go to ensure I didn’t go without my wine o clock. Thinking about it, planning it, implementing it. Exhausting.

Infact, my life, for most of it, seemed to revolve around alcohol.

If we went somewhere and hubby suggested having a meal out, my head would immediately visualise the food with a glass of wine…good idea, always up for a meal out what ever the reason!

I don’t buy wine to stock up with. My wine rack is usually empty, because if it had two or three in it, I would just end up drinking it all in one evening (or most of it until I fell asleep).
Disciplining myself to buy in one bottle at a time stopped me drinking anymore than one bottle. That was the theory anyway.

If on the rare occasion I would tell myself during the day to give myself a night off from wine, invariably when it came to the evening and I was cooking, I would cave in and find an excuse to pop out to the shop and pick up some ‘missing’ ingredient which included a bottle of wine! I would then be very territorial over ‘my’ bottle. Unwilling to share it. I would give hubby a glass only if he asked for one (begrudgingly). Remember the Ferraro Roche advert as she passes the chocs around the table and as she sees them disappearing panics and shouts “don’t eat them all”!
If I knew he was going to be drinking ‘my’ wine, I would buy in two bottles. While he would only have two or three glasses I would still have to finish the entire contents of both bottles.

This week has felt more challenging because I have not been at work very much. The challenge is keeping myself busy and occupied to stop thinking about food (hard when on a strict diet) and drink. I’ve had moments of feeling down thinking I am deprived, but then I tell myself that this is not true, remind myself why I’m doing this, I look at my sponsor form, I look at my weight loss, I look at my improved complexion. I wake up bouncy (going to bed early might have something to do with that), but I’m going to bed sober, and I am sleeping better, and that’s what counts.

Joined FB’s ‘Club Soda Together’ this week and have been chatting to some great people. Extremely friendly. Recommend.

My weigh in at Slimming World yesterday was disappointing as I stayed the same, but the lady realised I had crossed the 7 lb barrier, and seeing I did not have a sicker, informed me I get a 1/2 stone sticker for my log book. Whoop whoop, finally, a reward (I can’t eat cake, I’m not drinking alcohol), so I am very excited to get a sticker. As I wait in anticipation for my reward sticker, she tells me they don’t have any left. At this point I nearly have a melt down over a silly little sticker. I keep it together and politely smile, until I get in the car, where my 18 year old daughter is waiting for me, and then I have my melt down. “It’s OK mum” my daughter remarked “I will make you a sticker”!

I’m still waiting for my sticker…..

Finally, I’ve proved I can go to the cinema without my wine (and my oversized Mary Poppins handbag)!
Ive been to see ‘The Post’ with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep on black coffee and Diet Coke. Stayed awake to the very end, walked out the cinema in one straight line and even drove home.



Day 25 alcohol free

Still 9 lb lighter

54 days left to hit target weight loss of 28 lbs.

Seriously getting worried.



10 Replies to “Is it only me?”

    1. 2 crumpets and 2 fairy cakes?! Was that after your dinner, or was that actually your dinner?
      Let’s hope I can inspire you again. You were doing so well xx

  1. Great read and yes I can thoroughly relate to your story of alcohol (wine) being the centre of everything! Me too! I’m six months into being sober now and wouldn’t ever want to go back. Slimming us a different matter… for me, after about two three weeks without my wine, I turned to chocolate.., the sugar cravings got the better of me, still working on that one!
    From a Facebook Club Soda friend.

    1. Hey Delia, I confess I ate a bar of chocolate last night (and enjoyed every last mouthful)! First proper chocolate since I started my diet.
      I know if I wasn’t on a diet I would be eating a lot more sweet things to compensate giving up alcohol. The reason why I joined a slimming club and raised sponsors to encourage me not too.
      Congratulations on six months sober 🙂

  2. Well done Trudie ive lost 17lb on slimming world slowly since july but must admit still had my nightly tipple but stick to food plan but trying to cut it out in the week,well done to you x

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