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28th December 2017, I am rushing around to get ready for work, and dreading getting into my post christmas nurses uniform trousers. As I pull them up, to my absolute horror I can’t  do the button up not even close, and as I struggle with it, it pings off across the bedroom floor!

Thats it 😩. Grabbing my phone to search safari for slimming World (one of the weight loss programmes I’m more familiar with from the days when I first had the children to remove those post pregnancy excess pounds). As luck would have it there is a class that very night in the town. Rushing down in the car, not wanting to be late for work, I get weighed. Just weigh me in and sign me up I plea (disgusted with myself) but hopeful knowing if I commit tonight I will definitely return for the first week of the new year.

<< w years eve and with my plan in place, sponsorship, signed up ready to SW, the family are with us to see the new year in. I decide to finish up the remains of gin and any other left over wine in the house. By midnight I have found a bottle of sparkling wine to crack open, don't want that hanging around, finish up the baileys and port. Is it a wonder I had a thick head New Year's Day, but doesn't everyone! And so it begins...my sobrietry and my weight loss regeme. Never have I tried both together at the same time. Slimming clubs allow you to still feel free to drink alcohol, suggesting you count them as your syns or points. Its the alcohol that has got me to this point in the first place. I know I can't do things in moderation. I've been down the road of just drinking at the weekends, just trying to have two glasses from the bottle, buying in those little bottles of wine by the shed load, only to find myself drinking three or four of them a night (just as well have had a large bottle it would have been cheaper my head thinks). No, it's all or nothing if I want to change. Stay sober, lose the weight. And so it begins.... SMSM<< p>< /p>

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  1. Good luck, stay strong and here’s to a long, healthy and happy life. I’m now Day 13 and although I know it’s for the best, I am struggling today. But going to keep strong my poison wasn’t the wine witch it was the lager demon!!!! All the very best x

    1. Stay strong as well. You can do it. I have been busy working and I’m due a few days off in the week, that is when I might wobble. But I will keep myself busy and make sure I stay on track. Keep fighting those lager demons away x

    2. Isn’t it funny how husbands and kids can still kick you in the teeth after day 17 begins and remind you of how ‘drunk you were on New Years Eve’. And that booze cringe happens all over again. Never mind solider on and I need to learn to ignore silly comments from the people I love and trust and rely on most in the world. Xx sorry bad day xx

      1. That’s amazing your on day 17. So what if you got drunk New Year’s Eve, so did I! The important thing is what your doing now :). Stay strong, keep it going and definitely ignore silly comments from anyone xx

  2. Good Luck … I can vouch for life getting better without the wine .. Just keep fighting the wine witch and you will win :-))

    1. Never have I been so determined. I’m ready to take on the wine witch when she strikes. Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

  3. Lots of self-awareness, I think, in the ‘about’ background info you wrote. That’s an important beginning step…no wishy-washy self denial that most of us do along the way. Here’s wishing you much success! (Love the cartoon sketches!)

    1. I think I’ve already been through the wishy washy self denial stage that has got me to this point in time.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and your encouraging words. They really help to spur me on 🙂

    1. Yes, its now or never. My supermarket trip yesterday had me running down every aisle to avoid picking up any goodies and xmas reductions. You would think I was a contestant on supermarket sweep deliberately avoiding the booze aisle (which was sheer torture after my stressful day)! Think online shopping might be the way to go 🙂

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