The grocery shop!

They say never go shopping when you’re hungry, but what if you’re also stressed and desperate for a large glass of vino? This was my dilemma in the week. Grocery shopping!

I’d had a particularly busy day, going here, there and everywhere and by the time I got to the supermarket it was 8pm. Already the image of de-stressing on my cosy sofa with a large glass of red wine was popping into my head. The image was strong and looked almost heavenly in my mind. I slapped myself (not literally) and told myself to pull it together. I only wish I’d had on those horse blinkers to stop getting distracted.

If anyone could have seen the battle going on inside my head as I tried to whizz around the supermarket, they would have thought I was nuts. “Don’t look at the cheese. Put those peanuts back down this minute. Just because the chocolate is on offer doesn’t mean you need to buy it. Don’t look, don’t look, keep going, almost done”. It’s like being in Supermarket Sweep, desperate to get round, but without the booze and goodies.

If I had been a real contestant a few weeks ago, the booze aisle would most certainly have been the first aisle I’d have sprinted down, closely followed by the crisps and dips! But I’m not in any sweep other than my own, so back to reality…

“Fizzy water, must not forget my fizzy water, where’s my fizzy water?” At this point I stop completely dead in my tracks, tightly holding onto my little trolley as I’m faced with the last aisle. My fizzy water is kept with the wine and alcohol too, NOOOOOO!

Sod the water. I go straight to the checkout and do not pass go, who needs fizzy water anyway??! MEEEE!

When I got home, I fed my hunger (not my thirst) and breathed a huge sigh of relief as I sat on my cosy sofa with a mug of ‘low cal’ hot choc, which I must admit tasted A-maze-ing (bit of strictly there). That hot choc moment I will retain in my head for future referencing.

I wanted my giving up alcohol and losing weight to have purpose and meaning. So before the new year kicked in, as well as joining the diet club and getting my blog made, I got my friends and family to sponsor me. Not only did it make me feel more committed, it gives me other reasons to stay focused and committed. I’ve managed to raise (potentially) just over £400 (thank you to those for your support if you’re reading this, by the way) but most importantly the money I raise from losing weight will also be helping a dear friend of ours…

A year ago my husband lost one of his closest friends. He was 51 years young when he died in a tragic accident doing the sport he loved. The lovely wife who he sadly left behind is one of the most kind hearted souls I’ve ever met, and she has decided to set up a Foundation Trust in his memory.

The money I manage to raise will go to help the trust.

Another reason I must keep on track :).

Talk about put your money where your mouth is. But it’s actually been the best thing that has got me through these first couple of weeks, my commitment to myself and to others.

Day 13 alcohol free.
Weight down 6.5lb.

Yea yea yeah! Loving it, loving it.

In memory of our friend, who used to use those last few words a lot :).


Hello world!

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28th December 2017, I am rushing around to get ready for work, and dreading getting into my post christmas nurses uniform trousers. As I pull them up, to my absolute horror I can’t  do the button up not even close, and as I struggle with it, it pings off across the bedroom floor!

Thats it 😩. Grabbing my phone to search safari for slimming World (one of the weight loss programmes I’m more familiar with from the days when I first had the children to remove those post pregnancy excess pounds). As luck would have it there is a class that very night in the town. Rushing down in the car, not wanting to be late for work, I get weighed. Just weigh me in and sign me up I plea (disgusted with myself) but hopeful knowing if I commit tonight I will definitely return for the first week of the new year.

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