Hello world!

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28th December 2017, I am rushing around to get ready for work, and dreading getting into my post christmas nurses uniform trousers. As I pull them up, to my absolute horror I can’t  do the button up not even close, and as I struggle with it, it pings off across the bedroom floor!

Thats it 😩. Grabbing my phone to search safari for slimming World (one of the weight loss programmes I’m more familiar with from the days when I first had the children to remove those post pregnancy excess pounds). As luck would have it there is a class that very night in the town. Rushing down in the car, not wanting to be late for work, I get weighed. Just weigh me in and sign me up I plea (disgusted with myself) but hopeful knowing if I commit tonight I will definitely return for the first week of the new year.

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